Five Signs you Must Hire an Employment Attorney

Some people think that employment lawyers only work for businesses and employees. But, this kind of lawyers also works with employees and are advocates of employee rights. If you are wondering whether or not to hire an employment lawyer, here are the reasons you should get their legal services:

You Have been Harassed or Discriminated

Whether you are sexually harassed, or discriminated because of your age, religion, and race, a qualified employment attorney from Halunen Law can review your case and determine if you must take legal action. Federal and state laws protect employees from harassment and discrimination.

You Have Received a Job Offer

If you have been offered a job, an experienced attorney can help you review the offer and employment contract to make sure you will get the best possible deal. Usually, employment contracts are written with the business’ best interest in mind. However, you can negotiate the company’s offers. Any clauses about severance must be reviewed as this could become relevant when you lose your job at that company in the future. A good employment attorney will ensure you will sign the best contract for your interests.

You Have been Terminated

Losing a job can be emotionally draining. An employment attorney can review your termination and find signs of wrongful dismissal. Also, the will negotiate a severance package, depending on your situation. The outcome of your case can affect your future jobs because you have to talk about your previous jobs with your new employer.

You are Experiencing a Conflict at Work

Workplace conflicts are quite common and employment attorney understand these conflicts as they have seen a lot of them from many perspectives. If your workplace conflicts have been disrupting your ability to work effectively and productively, you might need to consult with an employment attorney to hopefully find a solution. Your attorney will also help you understand how to act to make sure you keep your job.

You are Negotiating an Exit Package

Whatever your reason is for leaving your current job, you might lose benefits and possibly upset your current employer. But, having an exit plan a few months in advance can ensure a more gradual transition. Also, this can make your boss more open to giving you a favorable retirement deal. If you are planning to switch jobs or retire early, discuss your options with an experienced attorney to know what to expect in terms of your exit.